2-3 Year Old Classroom

2-3 Year Old Classroom


At 2-3 your child begins to express emotions vocial and physical reactions. But your 2 year old expressing their emtions is healthy. Also at this age your childs vocabulary will begin to grow and they will begin expressing themselves in longer sentences. At this stage we Read more often in an interactive way, asking questions that relate to the story being read and wheat they think is happeing.

  • 2-3 Years Old

    Our toddler class begins at 24-36 months. After 2 years your toddler will be ready to move into the 2yr old Room.

  • 14 children size

    Our 2 year old classroom seats 14 children to ensure each 2-3 year old receives the care and attention it deserves.

  • 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Our toddler classrooms open at 6:00 pm to ensure that we are able to facilitate to your schedule.

  • 2 teachers staff

    Our 2-3 year old class is cared for by 2 enthusiastic teachers. Our class ratio is 1 teacher for every 7 infant.